CUPE 391 Helps Vancouver Celebrate Our 125th Birthday

History of CUPE 391

On February 24, 1931 a meeting was called to organize the staff of the Vancouver Public Library into an association. Miss S. Fisher; acting as chairman called meeting to order. The following officers were elected:

President – Miss Sarah Fisher
Secretary – Miss Isabel McTavish
Treasurer – Miss Marjorie Sing

It was moved by Miss Robertson that we try to raise $50 to take out a contributing membership in the America Library Association. The same matter was to be taken up at a meeting of the Library Board the first Friday in March.
A discussion followed as to the nature of this organization whether it be purely for business or combine social. The matter was not settled. The meeting adjourned.
– the first minutes of the Vancouver Public Library Staff Association.

CUPE 391, (Vancouver, Gibsons and Sechelt Public Library Workers) have been invited by the City of Vancouver to participate in celebrating Vancouver’s 125th birthday.  The City is interested in the history of the organised library workers and also, what talents that we might be interested in bringing to the party.

The Party:

LOCATION:                Hillcrest Centre – Hillcrest Centre is located beside Nat Bailey Stadium at 4575 Clancy Loranger Way, at Ontario Street and 30th Avenue. Entry is on the west side (facing Midlothian Avenue and Queen Elizabeth Park).

WHEN:                      JUNE 23, 2011 – 5.00 P.M

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? All artists and musicians welcome!  There are places and spaces for you everywhere.  This not only or the historians (though we need you too).  CUPE 391 has many talented and brilliant people.  We would love to help you participate.  Let’s show them why the public loves the library workers.  So far – David will be running two movies in a continuous loop on my Mum’s 40 inch screen.  We will be organising a photo/dieo montage of CUPE 391 and organised VPL libraryworkers through the last eighty years. Please send your ideas and support to or

What is the Hall of History?
During the event the upper level gymnasium will be called the ‘Hall of History’. It will feature a variety of historic exhibits related to City staff.

Who will have exhibits in the Hall of History?
To date the participants include the Vancouver Police Museum, Park Board, Library, Fire and Rescue Services, Museum of Vancouver, Teamsters 31, CUPE 391, Fire Fighters Local 18 IAFF and CUPE 15.

What are the gymnasium dimensions?
The room is about 28 x 18 m (90’ x 60’)

How much space do exhibitors have?
The size and shape of each exhibit is different and there is room for everyone.

What is the lighting like?
A large bank of windows along the north side provides lots of natural lighting. No additional lighting is required.

Are there electrical outlets?
Yes – lots of them.

What display materials will be provided?
Tables and chairs will be provided on request. Please bring anything else you need for your display.

Can the walls be used for posters or photographs?
Yes there are locations with wall space available on a ‘first come first served’ basis. There are also basketball hoops that banners could hang from.

Does the gymnasium floor need to be protected?
The floor has a very durable finish. Street shoes can be worn with no problem. However, it would be appreciated if you could carry display materials to and from your display area rather than dragging them.

What is the load-in and set-up procedure?
Your display materials can be delivered to the gym one or two days before the event. A schedule will be distributed that includes information on where to park for loading and unloading. Materials can be picked up on June 24.

How secure are the premises?
The building is completely secure. It is not open to the public.