Joint Staff Recogniton Committee Survey Question

The Executive recently developed goals and objectives at the annual think tank with the new executive,  When we reviewed previous year’s goals and objectives, the matter of the joint Staff Recognition Committee, we found that we had not completed on the Union’s request to have only Canadian, union-made items.  We had put this forward as an agenda item several times but the committee found this mandate difficult to fulfill as Canadian, union-made items are not readily accessible and can be expensive,

At the U/M meeting this morning we had a discussion with management regarding the Staff Recognition Committee.  Management would like the executive to write a cheque for $1,700 for the items that have to be ordered for the exempt and union members that are to be honoured this year (October).  Some of the items will have both the Library’s and the Union’s logo.  Some items will be union-made. Some may be made in China and not be union-made.  Our 1st vice-president, Gerard, has been valiantly scouring “union-made” catalogues lately and has had some success.  We thoroughly appreciate his efforts.
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