E-Cycle Electric Vehicles – DEALS AND DISCOUNTS

DEALS AND DISCOUNTS, from the FitCity Nesletter (chrome://ietab2/content/reloaded.html?url=http://citywire.city.vancouver.bc.ca/hr/ehs/services/fitcity/site/archives/FitCity.pdf)
E-Cycle Electric Vehicles
E-Cycle Electric Vehicles, Vancouver’s leader in urban electric transportation including bicycles and electric scooters, is offering all CoV
employees the opportunity to save 10% off electric bikes and scooters, as well as 15% off accessories. With FREE PARKING in Vancouver
for electric scooters at 100+ green-topped meters and white painted zones, getting around the City on an E-Cycle couldn’t be more convenient,
green -or fun! To receive this discount please show proof of employment. For more info on the discount or their products, please email
info@ecodrive.ca or call 604.732.3111.