Vancouver City Inside Workers Settle

Our sister Local CUPE15, the inside workers at the City of Vancouver, recently settled. They negotiated a 4-year deal with the following wage hikes: 2012 1.25%; 2013 1.75%; 2014 1.75%; 2015 2.0%. They also achieved some improvements in their contract language addressing postings and promotions, layoff and recall and job security.

For CUPE 391 progress is slow, but there is progress. We’ve agreed on some non-monetary issues and are now dealing with the tougher monetary issues. It looks like we won’t finish this year since getting bargaining dates in December isn’t possible. We are bargaining this week and then will resume in January. We’re prepared for the long haul and still confident that we can reach a reasonable settlement.

“Happy Holidays” from your Bargaining Committee!