Notice of Motions: General Meeting Tuesday November 20, 6 p.m. Morris J. Wosk Board Room

At the July General Meeting, the Executive gave notice of motion for changes to elections and the inclusion of Sechelt Public Library to the constitition.  On Tuesday November 20, we will be presenting the following motions:time allowing.  We may only achieve 75% of our goals.  If any of the motions are extant we can deal with them at the January meeting.

  • Motion to correct voting options – change “electronic vote and mail-in ballots” to “electronic vote or mail in ballot”  (CUPE President Moist says it must be one or the other).
  • Choose electronic or mail-in option
  • Inclusion of Sechelt Public Library members into the CUPE Local 391 into the constitution
  • Cancellation of $1 initiation fee for membership in CUPE Local 391
  • Dues increase from 1.85% to 2% (this is in practice but has to be in the constitution)

Former CUPE President Mike Dumler will introduce to electronic voting and mail-in ballots.  Mike has recently presented successfully to CUPE 15 and various other locals.  Many unions are taking the task of implementing more inclusive, democratic voting options.  CUPE 391 definitely needs to address this as Vancouver Public Library is increasingly a seven day operation.  Mike has been a good friend to CUPE 391.  He helped me save the jobs of those who worked in the Bindery in December 2006.

Please attend this important meeting.  It will be very interesting and it good to clean house in a time of turmoil.

in solidarity

:.  We discovered that we had to spend time at that meeting presenting otions