Criminal Record Checks

A word is in order regarding criminal record checks which are required provincially thru the criminal records review act at least once every 5 years.

When a criminal record check is run for Library workers nothing is communicated to the employer with the exception of a yes or no to the following categories:

1) anything involving children
2) anything involving vulnerable adults

Any other offenses are not relevant and not reported to the employer.

However, there has been an amendment to the criminal records review act by the Federal Government as of November 30th, 2013.

Now, all provinces take part in the vulnerable sector check.

If an individual has a birth date and gender (and to a lesser extent name) that matches a pardoned sex offender, they will need to undergo a fingerprint check.

Previously, a sex offender could relocate to another province and change their name, and possibly evade a provincial criminal record check. This amendment is intended to prevent that from happening.

99.9% of the time the individuals who receive a letter requesting the fingerprint check will pass and not be flagged for further scrutiny.

Exempt employees are also subject to finger printing if they met the above criteria regarding the same birth date, gender and name to a pardoned sex offender.

Going forward, so long as the individual does not change employer, the fingerprinting will never again be required during a future check.  If they do change employer, they would need to be fingerprinted after 10 years (assuming they undergo the criminal record check again, of course).

Gerard Batty
President, CUPE 391
Vancouver, Gibson’s & Sechelt Public Library Workers