BCTF Job Action Update: June16, 2014

Dear Members,

In anticipation of a full scale teacher’s strike tomorrow Tuesday June 17th, we can’t rule out at this time the possibility that the library entrances could be blocked by pickets.

We don’t believe it will be any different this time around than the previous two occasions of rotating strikes where the library entrances were left open at both the Strathcona Keefer Street entrance and Britannia branch.

Nonetheless, confusion may occur, and Heather Inglis National rep will be on the ground at BRI by about 7:30 am and I will be at STR at about the same time to prevent any problems if any.

If the Library entrances are blocked at BRI and/or STR staff must not cross the picket line.

A redeployment plan for staff is in place if necessary.

In Solidarity,

Gerard Batty
President, CUPE 391