How To Log In To Your CUPE 391 Webmail

CHEAT SHEET: How to log in to your CUPE 391 Webmail

1. To access CUPE 391 Webmail, please go to and click on the red “Webmail Login” button on the top right hand corner or go to

2. Once you have clicked, please enter your username (first name.last name @ Our webmail client is Gmail, and if you have a personal gmail account it will sign you in directly. You must write out your entire CUPE 391 address in the username field. Your password, if you have not logged in at all, should be your postal code (first three characters.last three characters). Have you moved? If so, please try your old/original postal code, as your password will not change to reflect your new address. If this also fails to work, please contact us and we will reset your password for you.
Once you have logged in for the first time, Gmail will prompt you to reset your password. We also recommend that you forward your CUPE 391 email to a personal email address, so you can keep up with union news without having to log in continually.

If you have any problems logging on or remembering your password, please phone the office at 604.322.4879 or email