Central and Carnegie Branch Flood Updates

Greetings to all CUPE 391 members.

Aliza asked that we send out an update on the recent floods at Central and Carnegie branch libraries.

As of today Carnegie staff are still being redeployed as the remedial work is ongoing. The area is being ventilated, vacuumed and wiped down by the contractor. Once this work is done and has passed final inspection, it will be retested. Air scrubbers will be left running over the weekend, and air quality testing is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 12th.

Air quality tests for Central CIRC areas have come back clear, and CIRC staff have returned to their usual work spaces on LL. The Automated Materials Handling machine continues to be inoperable and is awaiting repair.

The only remaining off limit areas at Central are the meeting rooms and moat area. There is no date for reopening of those spaces as of yet.

If any CUPE 391 members have any questions or concerns please address them to the OH&S committee, or to info@cupe391.ca or to cupe-oh&s@vpl.ca

Thank you, in solidarity,

Ed Dickson

Co-Chair OH&S Committee