Survey to members concerning Branch Staffing Model Review – Deadline Friday, January 6th


Deadline: Friday, January 6th



A survey has been created for the membership to complete concerning the Branch Staffing Model Review.

Please fill it out, we want to hear from you!

We are hoping to have results ASAP, and ideally before Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, but will be keeping it open to ensure as many responses as possible for the next couple of weeks.

Links have been sent to every member via their email accounts, and in addition to Part-time and Auxiliary members via their personal email accounts.  If you have not received a link and would like to have one sent to you, please make a request to: This email will be checked frequently over the next few days to ensure a timely response.

The survey is intended to assist the CUPE 391 Executive in their advocacy for and defence of the membership, with regards to the Branch Staffing Model Review and implementation, and to garner a more honest perspective on opinions, feelings and concerns of Staff, whether these be positive or negative.  The answers in this survey will also help to inform and direct the CUPE 391 Bargaining Committee in their efforts at the bargaining table.

The survey is built around the decisions from the Directors Group as to which recommendations from the Branch Staffing Model Review they will be taking forward. For your reference and information, a copy of the relevant memo can be found here: Model-Directors-Group-Decisions-2016-10-12.pdf.