CUPE 15 sisters/brothers and updates re: picket locations

Take note that some of our brothers and sisters from CUPE 15 are still picketed out and will be joining us on our lines. Please continue to welcome them and show that famous 391 hospitality! If these members don’t arrive with a CUPE 15 picket captain, our picket captains are authorised to sign for the 15 members.

The Bargaining Resources page may not yet show this, but the message from the union office this morning is that until further notice:

We have no pickets at JF, REN, KIT, or CHA
There is an information-only line at KER
There will be a picket line today only at DUN.

I also want to add a very heart-felt thank you to all the kind people and groups who are continuing to show their support with encouraging words, food, and other donations. Just at Britannia yesterday we were the lucky recipients of both delicious baked treats and a lot of great pizza, and I know that other worksites are having the same experience. In our case we’ve been asked not to name our donors, but we are very very grateful!