Report from January GM

Greetings Members,

First, thank you to everyone who attended last night’s General Meeting. We had a fantastic turn out – so fantastic that we ran out of pizza and had to order more! 97 members signed in and participated in the process of voting for the position of President. I am humbled and excited to have gained the support of the majority at the meeting, and look forward to serving our entire local in a responsible, thoughtful, and committed manner. Thank you for the trust you have shown in me.

I would also like to commend Johnathan Dyer, VP, for accepting a nomination and running for the position. He is a dedicated union activist and I look forward to our continued joint work in representing the members. The executive is positively enhanced by his voice, perspective, and participation.

Thanks as well to those who helped in running the election, acted as scrutineers, and assisted with the general meeting: Members Brian, Bronwen, Emily, Jane, Marianne, Wendy; National Rep Tanya P; and the rest of the Executive. If I’ve missed your name (and I’m sure I’ve missed someone), please know your contributions were noticed and appreciated! These meetings require a lot of attention and your assistance is what makes them work. Of course, our next meeting will come up quickly – it is scheduled for Thursday, March 21st at Oakridge Branch and we now have a vacancy for the position of Vice President. Stay tuned for details from the Nominating Committee and keep track of meeting dates here.

Please also be on the watch for communication from our Bargaining Committee as we begin to prepare for the round coming up with our CA ending December 31, 2019. We will be looking at numerous ways to engage with as many of you as we can, and as early as we are able to organize. As well, I am working on scheduling branch and division visits to introduce myself to those who were unable to be at the meeting last night. Union contacts be on the look out for emails from me as we work out the best way to make this happen.

The by-election was not the only item on the agenda last night. The membership also passed the 2019 operating budget with many thanks to our Treasurer, Mike DePaoli. You work incredibly hard to keep us on track and we owe you many thanks.

The other important piece of the evening last night was choosing our CUPE BC Convention 2019 delegates. This is the first time the process has been through election at a general meeting in accordance with our new(ish) by-laws, and everyone was very patient as we got through the logistics. All names that were put forward are very worthy candidates and the membership was spoiled for choice. Joining the President and Sechelt Unit Chair at the convention will be: Catherine Chan, Anne Dodington, Julian Key, Liza Saayman, and Johnathan Dyer (alternate.) I am excited to be attending this important provincial convention with you all.

Last, but in no way least, a final huge thank you and expression of appreciation for Past President Aliza Nevarie. We the members have truly benefited from your leadership and will miss your daily presence. Of course, we won’t let you get too far out – expect some calls from me as I work hard to fill your boots. The local has moved through some pretty significant challenges with you at the helm and we are better for it. There are not enough different ways to say thank you.

Yours in solidarity,
Kari Scott-Whyte