Meeting Dates

Ratification Meeting

  • Sunday, July 9 – 6:30pm in the Alice MacKay Room (Lower Level at Central)

2017/18 General Meetings

General meetings are in the Morris J. Wosk Boardroom on Level 7 at Central unless otherwise noted. Agendas and minutes are sent to members via CUPE 391 email.

  • Wednesday, July 19 – RENFREW BRANCH MEETING ROOM
  • September 2017 – TBA
  • November 2017 – TBA
  • January 2018 – TBA
  • March 2018 – TBA

Annual General Meeting

  • May 2018 – TBA

General Meetings start at 6pm (unless otherwise noted), and usually last 90 minutes.

All General Meetings are held at wheelchair accessible locations.

Receipted childcare will be reimbursed to allow members to attend General Meetings.

Light refreshments will be provided at each General Meeting.