Current Executive 2023/24

President: Amir Abbey ( – Term: 2024-2026
Vice President: Johnathan Dyer ( – Term: 2023-2025
Vice President: Jean Broughton ( –Term:2024-2026
Executive Steward: Ali Wick – Term: 2024-2025
Secretary Treasurer: Mike Depaoli – Term 2023-2025
Recording Secretary: Kevin Matheson – Term: 2024-2026

Members at Large:

Lisa Donaldson –Term: 2024-2026
Sze Wann Lim
 –Term: 2024-2026
Audrey Wang – 2023[24]-2025
Eleonore Shaffer – Term: 2023-2025


Catherine Chan – Term: 2023-2026
Raili Haapalainen – Term: 2024-2027 
Tanya Ferry
– Term: 2022-2025

Gibsons Unit Chair: Lynda Carlson
Sechelt Unit Chair: Sam Iversen

To contact the executive please email:

Meeting Dates
The executive meets once a month at the Union office or virtually over zoom.

Elected Officers’ Duties
The duties of elected officers and the executive can be found here in the Constitution/Bylaws.