By-law Committee


The By-law Committee shall be comprised of a Signing Officer of the Local, one (1) Trustee, three (3) members of the Local and the CUPE National Servicing Representative. The CUPE National Servicing Representative shall be a non-voting member of the committee and shall be consulted during the review process.

The By-law Committee shall:
a) Review the By-laws as needed but no less than once every three (3) years and make recommendations to the Executive Board on proposed amendments;
b) Review any proposed amendments received from the Executive Board or membership of Local 391 to ensure that the amendments conform to the remainder of the By-laws and the CUPE National Constitution;
c) Review Local 391 policies to ensure conformity to the By-laws and the CUPE National Constitution.


Catherine Chan
Mike DePaoli
Tanya Ferry
Sarah Green
Roxanne Tremblay
CUPE National Rep