Scab Legislation

In an historic vote in the House of Commons, MPs voted 167 to 101 to approve in principal Bill C-257 that would ban the use of scabs during labour disputes in any federally regulated

In Canada, federal jurisdiction includes all industries that cross provincial boundaries such as transportation, banking and communications as well as all federal government employees andall employees working in the three northern territories.

The vote on second reading came on a private members bill introduced by the Bloc Quebecois and supported by the New Democratic Party and many individual Liberal MPs.

A smattering of Conservative MPs also voted in favour but the entire Conservative Government Cabinet voted against the bill.

The bill will now move to Committee stage where some amendments are possible before coming back to Parliament for a final vote on third reading.

The third reading vote usually closely approximates a vote on second reading which gives approval “in principal” to the main clauses of the bill.

Senate approval and official proclamation of the legislation is also required before the measure actually becomes enforceable legislation in Canada.