all-vpl-staff CUPE 391 Update December 21, 2006

The e-mail address all-vpl-staff is no longer limited to staff.  The HR Director, Brenda Prosken, has had her name attached to this list.  Brenda feels that there a number of issues that attached an all staff account that does not include the LMT, e.g.:

  • Staff members are put in a compromising position when they share     emails from this address with the LMT.
  • There might be litigious material: e.g. harassing remarks
  • insubordinate commentary

This address was established over ten years ago because of a request to Management from the Union to have access for to members without involving Management.  Some of the outcomes of this arrangement:

  • an ability for the Union to communicate directly with staff
  • the promotion of goodwill between the Union and Management.

One of the objectives of the Union’s Think Tank was to improve communication with the membership.  We have formed a Communication Committee and will be working with this committee to determine the deliverables for this project.  At a minimum we will be increasing our audience, and improving how we serve our communities.  We will be connecting to a server that more clearly reflects our local’s needs.  Every member will have a CUPE 391 account.  Watch our site over the next few months.  Streaming videos of extreme, yet very loyal members…

The CUPE 391 report to the Board;

Caring, Repairing, Conserving: BuildingThe Legacy of the Bindery@Vpl

is found at under Reports.  We will be calling again for your support through these next months.

December 13 was a day we will always remember.  Over a hundred CUPE members crowded the Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kaye rooms (standing room only) to show that the Bindery is an integral part of collection development and maintenance for VPL and lends authenticity to VPL’s claim to be provincial resource.  When I was delivering my part of the report, I could see the sea of buttons and t-shirts with Aliza Nevarie’s logo, Bound to Serve.  Everyone was either impressed or uplifted.  The hecklers were both informed and refined in their approach.  It was sublime evening.

The Library Board chose to form a committee to examine the deliverables that were in the original request for proposals but were not “delivered” by the consultant.  There will be 2 members from the Board (Larry Kuehn and Erfan Kazemi), an LMT member and designate from the Union.  The committee will gather information and present it to the Board at the March Board meeting.  The Board will make recommendations based on the information provided by the committee.

I loved the Winter Ball.  The four months of planning by the Very Pretty Ladies gave us the best party VPL has ever had (in the 12 years that I have been there).  Congratulations, kudos, and every credit we can throw at you.  There were many very pretty ladies in evidence in gorgeous raiment.  The DJ played music from the disco, punk and rock eras to cover the spectrum of musical experiences.  Great prizes, good food and attentative bar people; what more could you want.  Netty Boulanger! WOW!  I will never forget the Netty experience.  Alex Campbell, you have been immortalized in song.

Thank you, everyone, for you wishes for a happy holiday season.  The Executive sends its heartfelt thoughts to all of you for a happy and healthy festive season.  Thank you very much for your wonderful support.  We will be working hard for you on past and upcoming issues in the New Year.  Your support, CUPE 391 members, makes the going that much sweeter.

Cheers Alex