Board Meeting/Bindery Date, Fairness for Civic Workers, Bargaining Campaign and ! A Wedding!!!!

Paul Whitney had a brief meeting with the Union today regarding the date of the Board Meeting for the Bindery decision. Members from the Bindery Committee may not make the May 16th date, so May 30th has been tentatively proposed. This date might also not work, so please do not make any plans to leave town soon: we need your support!

Please find alternative ways to express your very welcome support of the Bindery rather than through the all-staff e-mail. Management has discussed the very real possibility of Union no longer having access to this communications resource. This would be a blow to the sharing of members information in a timely manner and may cause a deeper chasm in Union Management relations. In an effort to continue to serve the membership effectively and to mend fences with Management, we are suggesting that you gird those collective wits and develop some creative (but workplace appropriate) ways to share information.
We thank members for actively voicing their partisanship for their colleagues in the Bindery. We are looking for ways to share our concern for this further evidence of a corporatisation of members work through attemts to outsource. Please talk it up in your work units (not during work time, of course) and prominently display any related literature. We will be sending copies of the report tommorrow, once it is proof-read.

CUPE has launched a Fairness for Civic Workers campaign and we, CUPE 391, are part of it. We are less than enchanted with the indifference to local issues displayed by the GVRD at the bargaining table. Visit the action website at
website and get informed.

On an absolutely happy and delightful note, CUPE 391 would like to offer their congratulations and express their joy in the upcoming nuptials of the one and only David Philip and Sloan Garrett. David and Sloan have been engaged for 17 years and are now very sure of a happy and prosperous future together. The memory of Gerard in that slinky gold dressing gown is now a gossamer thing of the past. Fortunately, I experienced a very solid clinch with David today and shall treasure that moment. All the best, from CUPE 391, kids. Don’t let the wedding festivities get in the way of coming out for the Annual General Meeting in the Alice MacKay at Central at 10 a.m. on Sunday April 29th. Come out and vote; come out and run for office.