Election Results for CUPE 391

The election results on April 29th for CUPE 391 are as follows:

President: Alex Youngberg

Vice President: Ed Dickson (2nd year)

Vice President: Laura Safarian (1st year)

Secretary-Treasurer: Steven Turner

Recording Secretary: Mike DePaoli

Members at Large:

Peter DeGroot
Aili Meutzner

Aliza Nevarie

Inder Pannu


Peggy Watkins

Gerard Batty

1 three year postision as a trustee to be filled at next General Meeting

None of the positions were contested this year.  I am not quite sure what that means but we will continue to ask for your support and input at every opportunity.  The Executive appreciates the talent, creativity and hard work that was expended by various members last term.  We will be asking for your support very soon.

May 30, 2007 at 5.30 pm is the new date for the Board meeting.  The result of this meeting will affect the very core of what it means to be a union member.  Support your brothers and sisters in the Bindery on this date.  The loss of their jobs will completely change how the library develops and maintain the collection.  This will be a blow to public service and to the membeship.

Today was May Day.  No, this does not mean we dress up as Morris dancers and clog around a pole.  May Day is referred to as International Workers Day.  Unions all over the world remember those who fought for the eight hour day and lost their lives in the Haymarket tragedy in 1886.  Today, people are fighting for and affirming the rights of workers to have decent jobs and food on the table.  Remember the Bindery workers, your members, May 30.  Come and support them; support public service.