Mediation / Bargaining update


Last Thursday the Bargaining Committee met for a half day with other CUPE locals in the region currently engaged in bargaining with the GVRD. Information was shared, common issues discussed, and the parties have agreed to meet again on July 12th to stay coordinated. The highlight from this meeting was CUPE staff releasing the report on Pay Equity and its impact on libraries. Copies have been distributed to worksites, and if you need a copy, ask your union contact for one. The Cupe BC website has a news release about it, go to and click on news releases.

Last Tuesday, the Bargaining Committee met with the mediator for the first time, and spent the morning briefing her on our proposals and position. In the afternoon, we presented an ammended package to the employer. We meet again next Wedesday, July 11, and expect a response from the employer at that time.

On Wednesday Ed Dickson, Marya Gadison, and Alex Youngberg met at the LRB with other locals who are bargaining and have strike votes. Cupe 15 Vancouver inside, and Cupe 1004 Vancouver outside indicated that they would be back at the LRB today and tommorrow going over essential services with the employer and mediator. In the event of a strike, certain services must be maintained for public safety, and the union and employer have to negotiate the list prior to taking job action.

This morning Ed Dickson, and Laura Safarian attended the GVRD Labour Relations Bureau monthly meeting. CUPE made an application to be put on the speakers list, but were denied as we were told that labour relations were not on the agenda! About 50 CUPE members who attended were asked to leave, and the GVRD recessed. We stayed, and reluctantly we were allowed one speaker to make a presentation for no more than 10 minutes. CUPE BC President Barry O’Niell spoke eloquently on our behalf, and reminded the board that no meaningful bargaining has actually occurred yet. There was extensive media coverage, and it should be on tonights 6 o’clock news.

Also tonight, CUPE 454 delta municipal workers are voting on an employers final offer vote. The union is asking its members to vote no! If this vote is defeated, and we expect that it will be, the GVRD has 2 choices. Begin bargaining immediatley, or face a region wide strike.

If any member has a question, please contact the union office 604-322-4879, or e-mail the bargaining committee at also attend upcoming general meetings and hear the latest reports.

On behalf of the committee.

Ed Dickson Bargaining Chair CUPE Local 391