Job Action Update #2

What do I do? – to clarify
• Proceed to your worksite at your scheduled time. Despite what may be reported on the local media, most Library locations continue to be open.
• If pickets are present, seek out the Picket Captain and ask the nature of the picket. This is particularly relevant for locations where members of CUPE 1004 or CUPE 15 also work.
• Call the 391 union office at 604-322-4879 and share the information given by the Picket Captain.
• If pickets go up at your worksite after you have arrived at work, honour the picket line by leaving the worksite.
• Your union contact, through the Job Action Committee, will notify you by phone or by e-mail of any changes to the above steps.
• Take all your personal belongings with you when you leave your worksite. (ie valuables)

What is happening today (Monday July 23)
• CUPE 391 is not planning wide scale job action for today.
• CUPE 15 has set up pickets at joint union sites Joe Fortes, and Britannia. CUPE 391 members have been redeployed to other branch locations.
• CUPE 15 has also set up pickets at Strathcona, but are not picketing the school or the library. CUPE 391 members are still at work there.
• Pickets were temporarily set up at Central Library in the morning. These have been taken down, and Central is operating as normal.
• Carnegie continues to operate.

Be patient
• The Bargaining Committee and the Job Action Committee are working diligently to keep you up to date. The situation will continue to change.

Study Sessions
• CUPE 391 will be having study sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.
• Study Sessions are forms of job action where information is shared at worksites.
• Details on the times and locations of the Study Sessions will be posted on the bargaining blog later today.

• Friday July 27 is a pay day for CUPE 391 members. Your pay will be distributed as normal. (Details to follow for members who not receive direct deposit)
• You will, by law, also be paid for all shifts worked prior to being on strike, lock out or picketed out.

Worksite Union Contacts
• Each worksite has a union contact.
• The Job Action Committee will be contacting them, who in turn will contact their coworkers.
• Auxiliary and part-time staff should attach themselves to one of the worksites in order to receive up to date information.

Strike Pay clarification
• Complete details on Strike Pay are found on the info sheet: CUPE 391 Strike Pay Information (see local’s website under Bargaining Resources).
• To qualify for full Strike Pay and benefits coverage, members need to work 20 hours a week for the union. Work for the union includes any of the picket duties listed on Job Action Update #1.
• Those unable to work 20 hours in a week for the union, can get prorated strike pay and benefit coverage.
• The union understands the importance and urgency of the members needing to know the specifics of how Strike Pay works. We are working on another more comprehensive package that will be available should we be on the picket lines.
• Study Sessions last less than four hours, so do not qualify as a picket shift.