Quarters from heaven

Hey folks!

The support we give to one another is so appreciated and evident out there on the picket lines.  It is like a balm to the soul to see everyone out there in solidarity.

Just as profound and heartwarming is the support we get from our public.  The honking horns and the words of kindness are invaluable to bolstering our spirits.  But today, on the lines at Central, there was a most extraordinary show of support from one of our library users.  A gentleman gave us a jar full of quarters he had been saving as a donation to our cause.  He refused to give his name.  We want to thank this man and all the other people who have shown us they care for us and what we believe in.

Today we expanded our presence on the lines to Britannia, Kerrisdale and Joe Fortes.  They were very successful excursions and we will be expanding further during the next few days.  Details will be forthcoming on the next Job Action update (#5) and at on the blog.

Important notes:

The strike committee has set up an e-mail address where folks can send questions and queries, observations and stories.  The e-mail is as follows:strike@cupe391.ca

We finally have a phone number for our strike headquarters.  The address and the number are as follows: 1369 Kingsway – 604-872-2647

Remember we are in a media blackout until further notice

Our feet may be heavy,
but our spirits soar.

Important Note: Picketing at Kerrisdale July 31st – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.