Job Action Update #13

Weekly Job Action Record

Please return your weekly record to your picket captain or the registration table, at the end of your picket week. The financial officers need these forms for processing strike pay.

Sign in/out at one location

If you picket at multiple locations on the same day, please sign in and out at one location only. Have your picket captain initial your weekly job action record to confirm your time at multiple lines.

Lunch on the Line

A reminder that if you have your lunch while picketing, this included in your picket time. If you leave the line for more than your break, that is not included as picket time.

Revised Picket Schedule

9 – 5 Monday to Thursday
9 – 1 Friday

7 am – 8 pm Monday to Thursday
7 am – 5 pm Friday, Saturday
12 noon – 4 pm Sunday

Details to follow

9 -1 Monday, Tuesday

Flying pickets will leave from BRI and CEN to the Eastside, and from KIT and KER to the Westside. Picket captains will have details.

Flying Bicycle Pickets

CUPE 391 will have its first Flying Bicycle Picket on Tuesday August 21st. Those wishing to participate should bring their bikes to BRI for 10 am.

Advance Picket Sign-up

To ensure that we have coverage at all locations, we ask that people sign up in advance. Sign up in person at your desired picket location, or call using the strike cell phones held by Picket Captains.

Hardship Applications

Application forms will be distributed to each branch on Monday. They are already available at CEN and from the hardship committee members.

More Help Needed!

There are lots of ways to be involved to support our strike initiatives, like working as runners to deliver flying pickets, working with the Public Information/Counterspin committee, and working as registrars and picket captains. Training every Thursday morning at the Union Office, 545 West 10th Avenue, or see your picket captain.

Petition and Handout Available

Please get members of the public to sign our petition and read our new handout.