Wednesday’s rally, BBQs, bikes, continuing pizzazz, and volunteers needed

Mark your calendar for the rally on Wednesday morning, starting at Science World. Buses will be picking up workers from Central, JF, Britannia, Kits, Kerrisdale, and other strike-affected sites, so start at your preferred location. Bikes are also very welcome (see below)! Please note that CUPE 391 WILL be joining the main march from Science World after all. We will not march on our own from Central as was announced earlier today. We apologize for any confusion.

ALSO: Randi from CUPE 15 is organizing a “Village People” line to front the march. She asked for one or two CUPE391 volunteers to participate dressed up as a “librarian”. Of course you’ll want to flaunt all the stereotypes.  If you are interested call their strike headquarters at 604-708-3948 and ask for Randi and say its about the march.

Bike strike team:
Our fabulous bike picket brigade is continuing this week. Join the bike strike squad at Britannia at 9 o’clock Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. (Wednesday the bike group is invited to the big rally–they’ll meet at Britannia at 9 and head to Science World from there.)

–Tomorrow is BBQ day at Kitsilano and Britannia, noonish to two-ish.
–The BBQs scheduled for Wednesday (Kerrisdale and JF) will be cancelled this week so that everyone can attend the rally.

Retirement party for Ron:
This Friday’s BBQ at Central will be dedicated to Ron, who will be retiring this month. Congratulations, Ron, and thank you from all of us!

File under pizzazz:
Dawn and Kay have started a “When will the strike end?” pool. Each guess costs $1 and all the money goes to the Hardship fund. There will be fabulous prizes for everyone who gets the right date! So far they’ve raised well over $100.

New stuff on the blog:
Writers, researchers, and more are needed!  See the call for volunteers on the Bargaining Resources Page. Please note that volunteer time does not count toward your picket time.

And James has posted a new video–”The Buttoneers”–in the usual spot (under Videos). Check it out!