Flying cycles and a concert and puppets and haiku and ….

Hi all,

Everyday on the lines seems to be just another opportunity for our members to display their incredible creativity.  We are redefining the meaning of strike action with things like puppetry, grandeur on Georgia, our hardworking media clarifications committee, movies, the Bike Brigade and so much more, including the positivity that resonates throughout.  It is impossible not to feel overwhelming pride at the thought of it all.  I hope that you all feel this pride in yourselves, because you deserve to.

A special thanks for yesterday’s puppetmasters (I hope farmer Sam learned his lesson!), and to all the bodies that came together to out spell out the words “Let’s talk!”.  It seems someone up there can read as we have two dates next week.

Wednesday, I joined the Bike Brigade in their quest to visit to all 22 branches. It was an exhilarating and fulfilling experience, and a really great way to bring our message to the streets and to rejuvinate the lines.  And boy did that pint of cider at the end of the day every taste fantastic! There are more all day superhero bike rides being planned by the Bike Brigade so keep a lookout on the blog for details.

We have three more filmakers to add to the list, David, Holly and Gail.  Please give them and their movies a warm welcome by taking a look- just click on the titles to the right. If you don’t, a librarian named Helen might have a few words to say to you.

(Update: in addition to the videos I’ve been sent lots of new photos. Anita sent a link to her Flickr site, which has, among other things, pictures of Wednesday’s Bike Brigade. In our main gallery there are now photos of the puppet show, theChamplain picket line, and our “Let’s Talk” formation from yesterday. Chris.)

Tonight is the big night, our Benefit Concert!  Again our members will be sharing their great talent with us, this time musical.  I hope that we will also discover some hidden talent in the dancing department!

We are expanding our picket lines to Renfrew branch.  Monday and Tuesday there the lines will be up from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  If this week is successful, they will be up on a regular basis.

Finally, Tuesday is Haiku day!  Get our your pencils and paper, and dust off your poetic license, the day will be dedicated to writing letters to the editor using the style of this great Japanese literary tradition.

On that note, I will leave you my own creative musings,

A line of bodies
Flexible in the wind but,
Forever solid.