Mark your calendars for a party, pizzazz and pleasantness; message from the Acknowledgment Cttee

Our members just keep on picketing with pizzazz, and we’re doing a heck of a job of keeping our spirits up too. (For a truly moving little story, see the message from the Acknowledgement Committee, below.) I’m still feeling pretty jolly from last Saturday’s benefit, and now I hear that CUPE 15 will be hosting a party for their brothers and sisters from locals 15, 1004, and 391 at the WISE Hall this coming Friday, starting at 7 pm. Admission will be free. Watch for further details!

To give just a couple of examples of pizzazz and all-round pleasantness from Britannia*, this morning the bike strike brigade set off a little after ten, ringing their bells and resplendent in banners, flags, signs, and other decorations. A teacher came by with grapes. A local youth group brought by muffins and coffee. A member of the Parents’ Advisory Committee let us know they were writing a letter of support. And we helped out with CUPE 15’s lemonade stand on the Drive (their slogan: “the City gives us lemons; we make lemonade”), handing out leaflets and getting lots of petitions signed. One of our picketers brought sidewalk chalk, and our picket captain got coloured paper so our haikus could look as good as they sounded.

Peter also came by in the morning for one of his crew talks. One reminder: we really do need everyone to do their 20 hours a week of picket duty. Being on the front lines is the most important job there is! While we also do need folks in the office to look after finances (etc), most other jobs (committee memberships, posting photos and films, blogging, and so on) are voluntary, which means putting in extra time beyond picket duty. Thank you to all the members who are doing this extra work–it makes such a big difference.

And I would add–again!–to remember self-care. If you’re getting a little run down, try a different picket site, consider joining the bike strike brigade, or see if you can help out at the office or with something else. Sometimes a change of scenery makes all the difference.

*No, this isn’t just the Britannia blog. Stories from other locations are always welcome too–please send them my way! –Janis

Message from the Acknowledgement Committee

As part of the Acknowledgement Committee, we want to thank the multitude of organizations and individuals who have so generously donated time, money, food, etc. to the CUPE 391 members.

Today on the picket line 8-year-old Saydie Bubniw brought us 12 toonies for the Hardship fund.  On the weekend she had a Birthday Toonie party and asked her guests to bring a toonie for her and a toonie for a charity of her choice.  Her choice of charity was the CUPE 391 Hardship fund.  If possible, she would like to meet some of the people she is helping.  (BTW, she is the precious daughter of Maureen from Outreach)  She will definitely be getting a thank-you card from us!  Thanks!
–Yukiko Tosa for the CUPE391 Acknowledgement Committee