Updates and info for next week

This Tuesday, there will be a breakfast at Central from 7-8 am, by donation. Proceeds will go to the Hardship Fund. The same day, there will also be a potluck dinner at Central at 6:30. The union will supply chili–please bring other food to share!

Barbeque updates: Kitsilano’s BBQ will be Tuesday; Joe Fortes’ and Kerrisdale’s are Wednesday.

“Dog Day Afternoon”–one day this week will be specially designated for (crowd-friendly) dogs. The date is still to be announced–I’ll post it as soon as I know.

Updates to a couple of picket locations/times:
This week we’ll have pickets at
Renfrew Monday-Thursday 9-1
Champlain Monday-Thursday 8-5
South Hill Wednesday only, from 9-1.
Remember that Britannia continues to have a “real rather than symbolic” picket line, and needs coverage from Monday to Friday, 8-4.

Our own James has posted a new video“Walking the Line: The Flying Bicycle Brigade.” Watch it, send the link to five people, and ask them to send it on to five people!

Report of highlights from Dana at Champlain:
We ended up having pickets up for full days Monday to Thursday this week. Champlain has become affectionately known as the “[Club] Kerrisdale of the East” due to the comfortable environment and friendly atmosphere.

On Tuesday, we had the amazing puppeteers perform “Click, Clack, Strike!”. We loved it, and so did a few passersby. Afterwards, thanks to Wayne and Shirley–masters of the massive meal–we had hot, juicy hamburgers for all (over 40 people). Many others pitched in to make everything happen or brought a feast of foods, both savoury and sweet. We ate, we laughed, we rejoiced. (Maybe a bit too loudly for one of our neighbours–we had to console them with goodies)

On Thursday, a retired UBC librarian came by with fresh grapes and strawberries, feeding us in order to support the struggle.

Next week it looks like we will have pickets up Monday to Thursday all day, 8 am to 5pm.

See you tomorrow!