Update from Bargaining Cttee, Friday’s potluck and more

Update from the Bargaining Committee
If you haven’t seen it already, please scroll down to this afternoon’s update from the Bargaining Committee. And in other news:

Request from the Acknowledgement Committee
If you know of any people or organisations who have made contributions to our cause and not yet been thanked, Elektra from the Acknowledgement Committee would like you to pass along their contact information and details about the gift so that we can send a card. Please call the Union office or talk to someone on the committee if you have any information.

Friday’s potluck
This Friday’s theme is Indian food! The Union will supply vegetarian samosas. Please bring an Indian dish to share if you can, and your own bowl and spoon.

Event tomorrow night
For all of us interested in women and politics, Gail recommends the Talkin Politics Café tomorrow night (Thursday Oct. 11), 7 o’clock at the Rhizome Café, 317 E Broadway. The event is called, “How can we get more women involved in municipal politics?” Ellen Woodsworth, Co-Chair of COPE, is the chairperson, and the speakers will be: Sue Hammel (speaking about international examples), Loretta Woodcock (on the Park Board), Meena Wong (engaging diverse communities), and Sharon Gregson (on the School Board).

Mysterious Sighting at Joe Fortes (a very overdue report)
Thomas reported a while back that on September 12th, sharp-eyed JF picketers saw none other than the Devil (or at least someone in a devil costume–on stilts, no less) walking down Denman Street carrying a sign that said “Sam Rocks” and chatting to people on the sidewalks and in cars about the civic strike. It was a performance artist doing something tongue-in-cheek, certainly, but folks are still wondering whether this was agit-prop, Brechtian, or something else altogether! New addition:See the photo in the CUPE galleries

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PS: Yes, I’m back to blogging again for the next week or so at least. Thank you to Gail for taking over for the past while! We will continue to take turns, and try to let you know when we switch back and forth.