Best Wishes for the Holidays

As we move in to the last days of 2007, I reflect over the last year I recognize what a difficult year it has been for members of CUPE 391. Major changes at VPL have affected all of us and the uncertainty of more change is all that we can count on. I like to think that no matter what is thrown at us, the members of CUPE 391 can rise to the challenge. Remember all that solidarity in the summer and fall? It’s that kind of taking care of each other that will see us through the changes to come.

Since our return to work in October, we’ve all been busy getting back to doing what we do – delivering library services to the people of Vancouver. I’m so proud of our Local and what we tried to address during our first job action ever and how hard we’ve all worked since we came back from the strike.

Your Executive has been busy trying to juggle our day jobs and the business of our Local. It has been a rocky road for us too. We’re tired but still persevering…. some of the things we’ve been doing over the last few weeks are: wrapping up the financial business of the strike (major kudos to Steven!); helping to relocate our members from the bindery; fighting for our LA1’s; investigating the use of surveillance in library work sites; preparing for the next step in our grievance over the criminal record checks; recruiting members to serve on Union committees and just generally trying to promote your interests to the Board and LMT.

Although several members of the Executive are taking a break over the next two weeks, others will be working away if you need Union support. Leaving a message on the CUPE 391 office phone (604 322 4879) is the best way to reach us.

I hope that you all can get a bit of rest over the holidays and recharge a bit. We’ve got a lot of challenges facing us in the New Year and need participation from lots of you to succeed as a Local. Remember that CUPE 391 rocks and together we’ll be strong.

I join with the rest of the Executive in wishing you all the best for a happy holiday season and get ready to kick ass in the New Year.
In Solidarity,
Laura, CUPE 391 VP