Elections, Elections, Elections

Politics are definitely in the air.  Our elections took place for the last time at the Annual General Meeting unless there are further constitutional changes.  There was an excellent turnout and our members were in good spirits.  I gave my report, celebrating the grassroots initiatives that brought our causes of ending gender discrimination and achieving pay equity worldwide attention.  I was channeling Fidel and went on too long – Peter had to cut me off.

Many thanks to those members of the Executive who fought the good fight and are not returning this year.  Aliza Nevarie will be exercising her formidable artistic talent this year.  Mike Depaoli and Jean have produced their labour of love, Abigail, so Mike will be experiencing daddyhood.  Aili Meutzner will continue to serve the local, except that she will become a trustee instead of a member-at-large.  We know where to find you.

New Executive:
First Vice-President: Laura Safarian
Second Vice-President: Inder Pannu
Recording Secretary: Peter DeGroot
Secretary-Treasurer: Steven Turner
Member-at-Large: Randy Gatley
Member-at-Large: Elektra Harris
Member-at-Large: Mark Whittam
Member-at-Large: Todd Wong
President: Alex Youngberg

Trustee: 3 year term – Aili Meutzner

Our new executive are participators extraordinaire.  Mark, of course was previously a Vice-president and a Member-at-Large.  Currently he chairs the Political Action committee.  He will be seeing action.  Inder, our new vice president, was Hardship Committee Chair Member-at-Large last term and has been raising our profile with CUPE on human rights issues.  Elektra, briefly an effective Vice-president will now be a very effective Member-at-Large.  Elektra also chairs the Wellness Committee.  Todd Wong facilitated well known author readings for our job action.  Todd is well-known for his dragon boat and Gung Haggis Fat Choy actiivities.  Randy Gatley, new Member-at-Large, coordinated some brilliant job action this summer and is an asset to public service in any role.  We have a great executive and are looking forward to a very interesting year with many exiting new initiatives.  Start thinking – we need your help and wisdom.

Former councillor EllenWoodsworth (COPE), Councillor Raymond Louie and MLA for Vancouver-Fairview Gregor Robertson graced our event.  Members asked questions and received full answers from all prospective candidates.  Both Raymond and Gregor are seeking the Vision nomination for mayor of Vancouver.