May Day International Workers Day

Today is May Day. Do not dress up as Morris dancers and clog around a pole. May Day is also referred to as International Workers Day. Unions all over the world remember those who fought for the eight hour day and lost their lives in the Haymarket tragedy in 1886. Today, people are fighting for and affirming the rights of workers to have decent jobs and food on the table.

This year, CUPE Local 391, Vancouver Public Library Workers and Local 410, the Greater Victoria Public Library workers, went on strike and were locked out, respectively, for a common cause: to end gender discrimination and achieve Pay Equity.  Well, CUPE 391 didn’t get it, but CUPE 410 did.  We learned how to fight and find common ground with other disenfranchised groups.

Our Director of Human Resources tells us that Paul Whitney, Vancouver Public Library’ City Librarian, could not attend the forum for the our lowest paid classifications, the Shelvers, the Library Assistant I’s and the Library Assistant II’s as he was touring Ireland.  She hoped that Paul would have a pint on our behalf.  Have a pint of Pay Equity for us, Paul.  That’s what we’re really thirsty for.

Happy May Day, everyone.  Let us unite and end gender discrimination today!