Filing a WCB Claim – Possible Toxic Substances Leading to Respiratory Illness and Other Allergic Rea

The OH&S committee will be investigating this matter fully.  Two points which leap out from the Bulletin Board informtion from HR,

“The CBC has agreed again to change the painting schedule in their parkade. The application of the primer (or further layers) will take place after the library is closed. As a precaution the HVAC system (heating, ventilation system) will be turned off during the night so that fumes are not brought into the building.

The CBC safety officer and crew again send their apologies and VPL appreciates their co-operation in reducing the impact of the fumes on staff.

For the information of staff, we received a letter from the Occupational Hygiene Coordinator from the City of Vancouver
Tle following is an excerpt:

“Worksafe BC has investigated and the CBC site is not in contravention of any Regulations but recognize that irritation from xylene is unpleasant but not harmful to other workers in adjacent buildings”

Poinit #1 – The CBC’s apologies are nice but the ongoing problem with our ventilations system needs to be fixed.  The Union has brought members complaints about the effects of fumes from the parking lot and any other substances that wend their way through the Library Square ventilation system.  The focus needs to be taking off the CBC and put on the ventilation problems of the Library Square ventilation system.

Over the years members have reported symptoms of:

  • Headaches, migraines
  • respiratory illness
  • onset of asthma
  • tear ducts running, runny nose
  • nausea
  • lung irritation
  • drowsiness

Point #2 – If you have a sudden onset of illness from the fumes received through Library Square ventilation system, at and while you are working for VPL, you should go to your First Aid attendant and fill out a WCB form.  If your illness has a sudden onset and was caused by you being exposed to different work conditions e.g. (the fumes from vent system), then WCB should be paying for your time off work; it should not come from your sick bank.

All for now