Peter’s reflections on a year ago

Greetings friends,

hard to believe but it was a year ago that our membership ratified the collective agreement setting the wheels in motion to end our first strike, and to get back to work.  Over the week there will be the flashes of recollection of little milestones I’m sure.  First time back into the worksite, visualizing 3 months of bookdrop, first time we re-opened our doors to the public and so on.

I spent some time over the past few days looking through our media gallery
on the website.  Some fantastic pictures and videos and articles about our
88 days on the line.  Seeing them, it prompted me to write to you all, to
again say “Thank You!”  What we did collectively was, and is, incredible.
To the bargainers, exec-sters, teamsters, union contacts and job action
coordinators a special thanks for the leadership roles held during a
difficult time.

Today it looks like a sunny day, so I think I might wear a hat that I
haven’t worn for 365 days, and take a stroll by my favourite places in the
city, the Vancouver Public Library locations, on the chance of seeing some
of my favourite people in the city, the members of CUPE 391.

with solidarity and pride
Peter DeGroot