1. Criminal Record Review Act AND 2. Quesions for Dr. Ballem

1. Criminal Record Review Act
Do NOT send in your application for a criminal record check under the CRRA until the arbitration is over.  We are going to arbitration to settle which positions are eligible for a check under this new policy for public libraries from the office of the Minister of Public Safety and Attorney General.  Under the Criminal Records Review Act, anyone who works with children or who has unsupervised access to children must submit to a Criminal Record Check.  The act helps protect children from individuals whose criminal record indicates they pose a risk of physical or sexual abuse.


2. Please send any questions you have for Dr. Penny Ballem to ayoungberg@members.cupe.ca if you are unable to attend the meeting, are shy, or did not have an opportunity to voice your question.  We will be taking any questions that do not get answered at the meeting, so that Dr. Ballem can respond at a later date.