United Way

The United Way campaign kickoff begins tomorrow with a breakfast at the Hyatt on Burrard.  I must have been a sinner and am paying for it now because I heard myself saying yes, I will be there.  and I will be there with a willingness and pride in the organization I represent, CUPE 391, Vancouver Public Library Workers.  We are famous for Sister Marya’s Bungy Barbies and the maintenance guys version of indoor bowling.  Erik has raised IT standards at the City with online basket bidding.  I am sure proceeds of our charity-driven gambling fervour reaches more good causes than the provincial lotteries.  CUPE 391 invests our own spirit and generosity in the gift of giving.

CUPE 391 members gave more than S30,000 to the United Way last year. But because we gave through our workplaces, our locals or other organizations, the union’s support of the charity hasn’t been clearly identified.  Until now.  Because our donations come from so many different places, CUPE members don’t normally show up on the United Way honour roll as separate from the organizations that we work for.  United Way has taken steps to correct this and to honour CUPE members for your generosity.

11% of the money raised goes to the administration of United Way.  This is a great deal less than other organisations.  For that, we have the efforts of the volunteers and workers to thank.

For information on United Way funding for grants and programming see: http://www.uwlm.ca/How+We+Work/Grants+and+Funding/default.htm