A Dare to Remember: Thank You

The final result for CUPE 391’s “Dare To Remember” campaign is that we raised $4023, achieving 102% of our fundraising goal. Thanks again for your interest and support! We have received this message from The Stephen Lewis Foundation:

“Dear CUPE 391 and all your supporters,

I want to take a moment to send you and your supporters a personal heartfelt note of thanks.

First of all, thank you for taking on a Dare for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Your Dare – showing the world the wonder and wildness of Librarians – was amazing! Not only did you do something that was challenging, but you opened the eyes of the world to the true nature of Librarians.

You also did an incredibly important thing. You raised funds that will reach community-based organizations working on the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic in Africa. This is no small feat.

And, to your supporters: we want to thank you for your generosity. Of course we know that many of you signed up specifically to support your friend and loved one. But, in doing so, you’ve also made a deeply meaningful contribution. Your donation is a part of a larger effort, a holistic one, to support groups working determinedly to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa. For this, we thank you.

This was the first year of the A Dare to Remember campaign. You have helped pioneer a whole new way of mobilizing grassroots support in Canada to support grassroots efforts in Africa. We have had over 1,000 individuals take on Dares and over 9,000 individuals support Dares. There is a palpable sense of a movement being built in Canada, of people – individuals, groups of friends, workplaces – who are deeply committed to standing in solidarity with African women, grandmothers, and children orphaned by AIDS. It is truly remarkable.

I’ve attached a letter from Stephen. The success and ingenuity of the Dares delighted him and all of us at the Foundation! We will continue to build on the momentum of the Dare campaign and will be inviting you to join A Dare to Remember again next year. In the mean time, should you be so moved, there are several ways you can continue your important contribution: by donating Aeroplan miles, signing up to receive our Newsletter, becoming a monthly donor, joining a local grandmothers’ group – or signing up to do a new Dare! It’s all just so meaningful. Please do stay in touch.

(CUPE 391: We are sending this thank you note to all your supporters who donated to your dare online. Please feel free to share this message with any donors who may have supported you in other ways.)

With warm regards,

Tamai Kobayashi, Dare Support Team”