Bill C-391 – Gun Registry

We received an urgent appeal regarding Bill C-391:  the legislation proposing the removal of long guns from the national gun registry.  The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is looking for prominent progressive Canadian women to sign on – their goal is to collect at least 391 names/organizations by the end of the week and to deliver the letter to Jack before any vote.
The Union received the following letter from BC Federation of Labour today June 3, 2010.  The Canadian Labour Congress would like women of organisations to sign on to a letter to Jack Layton Leader of the
Attached please find the open letter to Jack Layton regarding Bill C-391.  I will send the letter as an attachment through your CUPE 391 e-mail address.  This bill does seem to have our number.
The following note is from Angela Schira, Secretary-Treasurer of BC Fed

Please let the CLC know by Friday June 4th if you and other women in your organization are willing to sign on to this letter.  Please send details of your support with names to  Organizations will be included for identification purposes only, and the letter will not be on letterhead.

Please feel free to reach out to women involved in any of your community partners as well.


Angela Schira

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