More News – Taggers and Bargaining

Thanks to our man-about-the branches Memeber-at-Large liaison to the Part- time and Auxiliaries for bringing us this question: Do the Shelvers with part-time hours continue to amass seniority when they are working taggers shifts instead of their regular Shelving shift? The short answer is yes.  I am referring to a document that appeared when the posting for shelvers first went up.

Shelvers with Regular Part‐time Shifts

  • Shelvers are able to ‘swap’ regular part time Shelver hours for ongoing tagging shifts. The Shelver hours will be backfilled if/until you drop your shelving shift or finish your tagging assignment.

Basically this means that your seniority continues to accrue when you are working “tagger shifts” instead of your shelving shifts.

Bargaining Committee
Please have your “expression of interest” in for the Bargaining Committee by Friday, March 25th.  The Executive will announce who is on the new committee March 29th, 2011.  The first bargaining meeting will be scheduled shortly after the committee members have accepted and the committee has been officially formed.  You can send your interest to;; or any of the Executive e.g.

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