26th Annual ChildRun: Sunday, June 5th

This is my 9th year participating in the ChildRun, which raises funds and awareness for the Oncology Department at the Children’s Hospital.

We’ve come a long way in caring for and curing children with cancer. More than 20 years ago, 70 per cent of all children diagnosed with cancer died. Today, more than 75 per cent of them survive, but the battle is far from over.

Each year in BC, around 130 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed – the equivalent of five classrooms full of kids. Although we are saving more lives than ever before, one classroom will still not survive this devastating disease. Caregivers and researchers in the Pediatric Oncology program at BC Children’s Hospital are working hard to change this.

This is where you come in. Funds raised through ChildRun are vital to providing life-saving care and improved treatments specifically designed for kids with cancer. By collecting donations and being a part of ChildRun, you are also helping us learn more about childhood cancer with the goal of finding a cure.

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