Now That You’ve Filled Out Your Bargaining Survey…

Good job, you’ve helped the Union prepare for bargaining.  You’ve started the process we hope will improve the workplace for all of us.

It was pretty easy and it’s a good feeling to participate in something as important as collective bargaining.  You’re probably feeling pretty stoked about being a member of CUPE 391.  Maybe you’re wishing there was something else you could do.

Well you’re in luck because there is a way you can help.  You’ll be surprised to learn that some of your colleagues haven’t yet filled out the survey. You can remind them about it.

It is really important for us to get as many responses as possible. So go ahead and ask the person next to you if they’ve had a chance to fill out the bargaining survey. Show them how to find the link to it.  Help them fill out the form.  You can be a bargaining survey hero.

Here are the ways to access the survey:

  • Use your CUPE 391 e-mail to access the online version of the survey If you need help with your CUPE 391 e-mail, you can call the Union office @ 604-322-4879 or e-mail Here is the link:
  • Ask your shop steward (union contact) for a hardcopy version of the survey or for help accessing your account
  • Call the union office for a hardcopy version to be sent to you

E-mail with your thoughts or questions.