CUPE 391 Poetry Month

We would like to
1. reacquaint our membership with our strong and diverse literary skills.

Also, we want the membership to
2. use the CUPE 391 e-mail system and regularly check our web site.

Thanks to Chris Jang and Erik Stainsby, this web site is generally considered top notch and coveted by other locals.  To serve these two goals we are going to start with a Month of May poetry contest.

Any form of poetry is acceptable (except doggeral).  Subject area can be May Day , Mother’s Day or anything you chose.  You must send your masterpiece through the CUPE 391 website so that all members may peruse your literary efforts and vote accordingly.  How these items of literary largesse will be judged will be determined and posted on website and sent through e-mail.  Here is the address to which you may send your poetry so that all members may feast at the banquet.  I will send one I wrote about my Mum for Mother’s Day. It is not an entry but will be sent through the CUPE 391 e-mail to all members as an example.  Please send your offerings for sumptuous prizes (to be determined and reported) to members@cupe

In solidarity