CUPE BC Canadians game rescheduled to next Saturday, August 11, 2012

The June 30th game was rained out—but CUPE BC is now sponsoring the Vancouver Canadians’ August 11th game against the Yakima Bears.

All ticketholders who would like to go to the rescheduled game need to contact the Canadians at 604.872.5232 to exchange their tickets.

“Apologies to all members who were inconvenienced by the rainout,” said CUPE BC Secretary Treasurer Mark Hancock. “The Canadians have asked us to extend their apologies as well, but as we all know from living in the Lower Mainland area, there’s not much you can do about the weather!”

“We understand that some members might not be able to make the August 11th game, and the Cs have told us they’ll honour tickets for the rained out game for any other game in the schedule,” said Hancock. “We still hope to have a good crowd of CUPE members out to cheer on the Cs on August 11th, but we also know that lots of folks will be away on vacation or may have other plans for that date. If people would rather go to a different game, all they have to do is call the Canadians and make arrangements.”

Here’s what to do with your June 30th ticket:

I want to exchange my June 30th ticket for the August 11th game.

  • Call the Cs at 604.872.5232 and tell them you’re a CUPE member who wants to exchange tickets from the rained out game for the CUPE BC sponsored game on August 11th

I have a June 30th ticket but I can’t go to the August 11th game.

  • Call the Cs at 604.872.5232 and tell them you want to exchange your June 30th ticket for a game of your choice (see schedule here.)