OCTOBER 2012 is YSpa month

All products/services of the month are vetted by a member of the Wellness Committee.  Experiences/results may differ.
Do you have a product or service that would contribute to the Wellness of our staff and would like the Wellness Committee to contact for the Product/Service of the month program.

OCTOBER 2012 is YSpa month


During the month of October, YSpa is offering VPL employees:
A full hour of organic full body exfoliation plus a 30minutes of body massage for $68 + tax. (if it’s good you should add a tip)

Location:  Yaletown – 1033 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Telephone:  604.677.8301

About the Wellness aspect of Exfoliation & Massage:

What is exfoliation?

Exfoliation is removing the dead cells from the layers of your skin to reveal the live cells beneath.
Why do you need to do it?

There are several benefits to exfoliation.


  • Removing dead cells allows fresh live cells to surface giving the skin back a healthy glow.
  • Dead cells are dead, and cannot be brought back to life. Products wet down these cells and dry back out. Removing the dead cells allows products to nourish the live cell.
  • Dead cells block off the oxygen to the skin, making it dull, and unable to breathe.


In Europe it’s considered necessary to being clean as soap and water.

Why should Massage be part of your Wellness plan?

Massage is just crazy good for you.  In the past massage was thought of as kind of frivolous and a luxury.  Not anymore – they’re a necessity.




Why YSpa?

We picked it because of it’s Yaletown location plus the wide range of not just ‘spa’ services but also their focus on health, wellness and organic products.  Their Acupuncturist is a fully trained Chinese Doctor Besides the Spa treatments: Mani, Pedi, Facials; they offer services such Lymphatic Drainage, Organic Bath Therapies (how about a Lavender/Chocolate Mud Bath Treatment or a Lavender Organic Milk Bath?), Acupressure, Ear Candling, Cupping and Reflexology.