E-Voting Company Decision

CUPE 391 met to review the proposals sent in response to Request for Proposals (RFPs) sent to unionised organisations supporting electronic voting processes.  The initial selection was narrowed to three companies: Big Pulse, Simply Voting and Union Calling.  The unanimous choice was Simply Voting as this met all our requirements and was the most economical to manage. This year’s costs will be in the range of $720.

Members who are planning on running for elected Union positions should send in their biographies and a photograph with high pixelisation.  These two items will be displayed on the CUPE 391 website and placed in the Simply Voting software in drop down menus.

Positions open: President (one year term); Vice-President (one year term), Vice-President (two year term), 4 Members at Large (one year term), Recording Secretary (one year term) and Trustee (three year term)

These positions provide an excellent opportunity to really find out how the organisation of Vancouver Public Library works.  The organisational structure of CUPE locals within the labour councils and provincial and national organisations also behaves like government and political structures.  This is time of much change politically and locally, within our sectors.  Please participate in the upcoming election.

The Executive will be supporting members in gaining access to their CUPE e-mail.  This is the tool that will support the Simply Voting software for the election.  Try your CUPE e-mail address today.  If your password is not working, e-mail us at info@cupe391.ca for help.

CUPE 391 has booked the Alice McKay room Saturday, April 27 @ 7 p.m., for a meet and greet with the candidates.  Hear the platforms and ask questions. A broad variety will be served with cheese.

in solidarity