Executive Board Elections 2013 – FAQ for E-Voting

Thank you very much to Renee for taking on coordinating information with our agent at Simply Voting election software to design, write and produce the FAQ for E-Voting.  I believe you will find this very helpful.

Also, thank you to Anne Dodington as Nominating Chair in keeping us on track with election questions.  Anne corresponded with Mark Whittam, Member-at-Large, who also worked with Bret of Simply Voting on other connected issues to electronic voting.

Please try out your CUPE 391 user name and password to see if you are receiving e-mail.  Simply Voting will be sending you the information of how, when and where to vote through you CUPE 391 e-mail address.  If you are having any problems with your CUPE 391 e-mail, write accounts@cupe391.ca and someone will help you.
Find the FAQ for E-Voting at Online Voting Facts, http://cupe391.ca/index.php/business/agm
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