CUPE Public Education Workers Tentative Deal

At the 11th hour last nite a tentative deal was reached for CUPE’s Public education workers with the Employer’s Association (BCPSEA) the negotiating arm of the Provincial Government.

The deal still has to be ratified.

CUPE was negotiating with the provincial government over wage increases and against the concession they wanted – two thirds reduction in sick bank for new employees and sick bank concessions for workers employed for 7 years or more.

However, the provincial government also wants any wage increase to be absorbed by each local’s district and not the provincial government which would mean a high probability of cutbacks anyway. So the Vancouver School Board for instance would be on the hook for finding 3.5% in savings to pay a 3.5% wage increase. This is contentious and may make ratification difficult.

There were no concessions and a major benefit achieved – a pay direct card for up front drug expenses for practically everybody so that out of pocket payment and subsequent reimbursement is no longer an issue.

They will also receive 3.5% over 2 years – well actually 3 years since there’s been no contract since June 2012.

There will be no retro.

The tentative agreement will run from July 1 2012 to June 30 2014 if ratified.

CUPE 391 President