1st VP Election GM Nov. 15th

Hello all

Immediately following the ratification meeting this Sunday Nov. 15th, there will be a brief General Meeting that includes the election/acclamation of the 1st VP position.

The 1st VP position is in it’s 2nd year of a 2 year term ending May 31st, 2016.

We have 2 nominations so far:

Gary Jarvis
Jane Curry

If these nominees continue to stand for the position, there will be an election by secret ballot.

We had the usual nomination calls for this position back in August prior to the Sep 2nd GM.

However, the Sep 2nd GM didn’t have quorum (enough members to allow for binding election/acclamation of a nominee).

Because we did not have quorum, we can still take nominees for the 1st VP position up until the floor of the GM immediately following the Ratification Mtg this Sunday Nov. 15th.

Nomination forms are available here (look for Nomination forms).

The forms have to be signed by nominator and nominee and submitted to either the Union by email, or regular mail or Bronwen Walls in Selections (at the main library) up to the GM of Nov. 15th.

See you at the Ratification Mtg. and subsequent brief General Mtg. on Nov. 15th.

In sol