Members, vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Here is the list of members of the Wellness Committee:

Tatiana Bobko, Chair (LAII Circulation)
Gloria Hershorn (Interlibrary Loans)
Alisha Khurana (LAII aux)
Alina Kanios (LAIII Circulation)
Noreen Ma (Branch Head, Firehall)
Peggy Watkins (Lib Tech, Information Services)
Renee Milaney (Lib Tech, Programming & Learning)
We acknowledge the connections between the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, occupational and environmental dimensions or aspects to our lives.
We further acknowledge that all that one thinks, does, and feels has an impact on one’s state of health.
We recognize member/employee wellness as important to both the short and long term success and well being of both individuals and the Library.
To encourage and value members/employees personal and professional well being.
To contribute towards creating a workplace culture that supports wellness.
Goals and Objectives
Either alone or with other appropriate groups or agencies from inside or outside the library:
to provide ongoing and occasional programs and information to staff at various venues and forums.
to focus on group activities that encourage working together to support and foster wellness.