Bargaining Update #7 – March 20, 2017

Since the last bargaining update in early March your bargaining committee met with the employer’s bargaining committee on March 13th & 15th.

Some time ago, the Bargaining Committee surveyed the members of our Local, CUPE 391, and created a package of proposals, which you, the membership, approved. These proposals were presented to the employer in July 2016 at which time the employer gave us their proposals. We have met with our employer eleven times since then.

While there have been some meaningful discussions on issues, we are disappointed that we have not made further progress at this stage of bargaining.

We know there are solutions to meet the challenges of new service models and we have crafted some responsive ideas to the employer proposals.

We are negotiating a contract for your working years ahead. We do not want to come back to you with an agreement that reduces your rights.

In addition the Executive is looking for volunteers for CUPE National mandated Strike Committee training. We do not anticipate the need for a strike vote at this time. Neither is there any need currently for job action. However, it is necessary that our Local be prepared for any eventuality, including a strike or a lockout. This is why CUPE National requires that all Locals engaged in bargaining be ‘strike ready’ or ‘lockout ready’. In order to fulfill our obligation CUPE 391 will train ten members who will form the Strike Committee. If you are interested in being part of the Strike Committee please email the Executive,

With the support of the bargaining unit we will be successful.

To show solidarity with your local all members are to receive a fabulous brand new CUPE 391 lanyard. We ask that you wear your CUPE 391 lanyard at work. You can get your lanyard from your shop steward and also at union meetings. These are still on order, but should be arriving soon.

In solidarity, you bargaining committee, Brian Peaslee (chair), Aliza Nevarie, Jane Curry, Anne Dodington, Ed Dickson, Gary Jarvis and National Representative Sung Wong (lead spokesperson).