Precarious Work Survey – Say YES and have a chance to WIN!

Hi all members!

CUPE National would like to survey members from libraries all across Canada in order to gain an understanding of the issue of precarity in this sector.

From Wikipedia: Precarity is a precarious existence, lacking in predictability, job security, material or psychological welfare. The social class defined by this condition has been termed the precariat.

Over half of our members, the employees of VPL, are Part-time and Auxiliary.  This is typical of Libraries across the country.  it is an important issue not just for this group, but for Full-time members as well. Precarity affects us all. CUPE would like to hear from members of all statuses.

If you are willing to be contacted by National, please email and type YES to the survey. The selection of participants will be randomized, so not everyone will be contacted, but it is very important to have as a large a selection as possible, to ensure the most objective results.  Also, participants will remain anonymous.  More details are attached.

If you agree to be contacted, you will also have the opportunity to win one of three Visa Gift Card of $25!  The deadline to respond is midnight, August 14th, 2017.

Members will have also received an email to their accounts.  If you would like to access this email but don’t know how, please email and we can get you access, or you can send us your preferred personal email, and we will send it along!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Aliza Nevarie

CUPE 391

545 W. 10th Ave.
Vancouver, BC.
V5Z 1K9